Props Props The victim The request was for a puzzle brain to be made, with some way of being attached to the victim. 80066160 The victim in his nappy! 80066161 Master & servant The brain was constructed out of foam then cut up and each piece was painted then held to gether with coloured velcro 80066162 Goblinoid heads/foam balls 146356400 In its glory The headband is made of plastazote, latexed and painted, the clear plastic tube filled with red ink. the barbed end of the tube was just pushed in. 80066163 For Figure head The head for A figurehead for the pirate ship at Candleston 146356401 The brain barb 80068207 A basic helmet made for monster kit 80068209 The horned beast 80068210 115784226 Belt for an evil WWE contest! 80068212 A pharoic style shoulder piece 80068213 Head of the Shark Cult i was required to cheaply make a costume for an Major Fire Elemental. It consisted of headpiece, shoulers, gauntlets and a tail 80068215 The Tail for the Shark Cult Leader 80068206 An odd request! An Armoured top hat with a Skull emblem with embedded glowing LED eyes! 81194428 The Valley Inn Tavern sign 81326891